FW Dev-Log

Friday, March 31, 2006

Crafting Crazy #1

Art Spotlight: Previews of inside art info
Even though our modeler Mark Ashton (Aka meyitzo) says he does not really care for crafting in any games, he is sure a craftsmen when it comes to modeling. In the new version of the game crafting will play a major role and its Mark's task to bring the crafting locations to life in the form of models.

I thought you guys would like to see a preview of these locations in there raw model forms before they get textured up.

Spell Crafting: Click Here

Leather Crafting: Click Here

Jewlery Crafting: Click Here

Fletching: Click Here

Casted to Death

Dev Notes: The Inside scope behind the scenes Can you imagine casting spells to the point of death? Well thats just the idea Ritacca put on the table yesterday. The idea is simple, after you use up all your mana and you try to cast spells it starts to drain your life instead to cast the spells. Well, to say the lest we loved the idea!

KD, brought up a few issues about new players dieing from casting and not knowing why may case some problems to the game, so "Um" suggested maybe we should have an on/off toggle for the ability or make it so you gain the ability at a certain level.

We are not sure how this feature will be added, but you can be sure you will see it in the new version of the game!

"Lore? Whats Lore?" - KD

Ritacca's Corner: a place for Ritacca to spill the beans
The other dev. team members (being the jealous bunch the are, LOL! not really.) will be posting up some of there own stuff on the blog, so... I would like to announce the start of a new sections "Ritacca's Corner"!! He will be dropping by and up-dating you guys on new changes to the storyline and lore. Maybe later we can talk a few of the other Dev team members into dropping by as well.

Ritacca Writes:

I remember buying an old RPG that came with a nice thick book on how to play the game, and then an even thicker book on all the game lore. I didn't read it, LOL, it was boring telling me about places i couldn't visit and monsters i would never fight.

So we figured we would do FreeWorld lore a little different. FW's lore will follow a character as he explores the world of Seregor.The Lore will provide an insight to the world of FreeWorld. And if you pay attention to the lore, you might find a few hidden bonus' in the game. The lore will not just be a pointless story, it can hold clues to things you may never even read about in the game itself.

Helms, Armour and Thief's, Oh My!

Previews of inside art info
I have the honor to work with a very talented artist by the name of David Midien (which just broke his leg for the second time in a row the other day... damn, if it was not for bad luck he would not have any luck at all!) and i would just like to share a few things he has worked on in the last few days.

Thief helms: Click Here to View

Normal Thief Armour: Click Here to View

Thief Leader Armour: Click Here to View

For the love of magic

Dev Notes: The Inside scope behind the scenes
Ritacca and I have been working hard on the new magic system. I would like to let everyone know we have finnaly complete the layout and icon art for the first set of spells that will be added before the test phase begins. There are 4 catagories of spells (nilgradi, Grillot, Ormic and Aosite) which make a combined tottal of 124 spells. I'll be writing up a full Dev log on this subject at some point but if you would like to take a look at our excel files and icon images they can be found at the below link

Click HERE to download spell .zip file

In the beginning

Random Thoughts: Things that are not about the game
I have decided to start a Dev. Log For "FreeWorld: Apocalypse Portal" and figured that a blog would be the easiest way to do it. I'll try to update the blog at lest once ever week or two with an "Official Dev-Log" explaining in-depth some of the features in the new version of the game. This blog will also give me an opportunity to post "Dev Notes" that are full of things that would not normally be posted on the official website, "Game Art Spotlights" to show small art projects that are not large enough for the main site and give you guys a chance to look inside some the things that go on behind the scenes. I'll also post "Random Thoughts" like this one, that contain information about the blog or just things that don't have anything to do with the game itself. I hope everyone enjoys the blog as much as I'll enjoy making it.