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Friday, March 31, 2006

"Lore? Whats Lore?" - KD

Ritacca's Corner: a place for Ritacca to spill the beans
The other dev. team members (being the jealous bunch the are, LOL! not really.) will be posting up some of there own stuff on the blog, so... I would like to announce the start of a new sections "Ritacca's Corner"!! He will be dropping by and up-dating you guys on new changes to the storyline and lore. Maybe later we can talk a few of the other Dev team members into dropping by as well.

Ritacca Writes:

I remember buying an old RPG that came with a nice thick book on how to play the game, and then an even thicker book on all the game lore. I didn't read it, LOL, it was boring telling me about places i couldn't visit and monsters i would never fight.

So we figured we would do FreeWorld lore a little different. FW's lore will follow a character as he explores the world of Seregor.The Lore will provide an insight to the world of FreeWorld. And if you pay attention to the lore, you might find a few hidden bonus' in the game. The lore will not just be a pointless story, it can hold clues to things you may never even read about in the game itself.


Blogger Zaszk said...

Now that is what I call lore! Aside from that, Everquest did a crappy job on theirs! I hope FW can do much better. :P I cant wait to analyze it.

2:09 PM  

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